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   Album     [Artist]      Credit      

Postcards From Paradise [Ringo Starr] - Musician (Bass)

The Ringmaster [Dave Stewart] -Producer

About Time SDTK [Ben Folds] - Co-Producer, Engineer, Bass

The Long Night [Michael Bradford] - Producer

Bass Face [AV Super Sunshine] - Producer, Musician, Co-Writer

Revisionary History [Alicia Witt] - Co-Producer, Co-Writer

2012 [Ringo Starr] - Musician (Bass)

The Blackbird Diaries [Dave Stewart] - Producer

In Your Dreams [Stevie Nicks] - Producer, Musician (Bass)

My Honky Tonk History [Travis Tritt] - Co-Writer

New American Suite [Kevin Toney] - Producer, Musician (Bass)

Fool’s Gold [Big B] - Producer, Co-Writer

Young Scientists [The Sligh Brothers] - Producer

Happy Hour: The South River Road Sessions [Uncle Kracker] - Producer, Arranger, Musician

Y Not [Ringo Starr] - Bass

Atlantic Records: The Time Capsule [Various Artists] - Producer, Composer

Happy Hour [Uncle Kracker] - Bass, Co-Writer

Dave Stewart Songbook, Vol. 1 [Dave Stewart] - Producer

Down to Earth [Jem] - Producer, Arrangements, Musician

Black in the Saddle [Cowboy Troy] - Composer

Live Trucker [Kid Rock] - Bass

Rapture of the Deep [Deep Purple] - Producer

Bananas [Deep Purple] - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Blackout [(hed) pe] - Producer

I've Always Been Crazy:Waylon Jennings [Various Artists] - Vocal Engineer

Leave the Light On [Beth Hart] - Producer

Clockstoppers [Original Soundtrack] - Producer Mixing

Liberation [Tré Hardson] - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

No Stranger to Shame [Uncle Kracker] - Producer

Sweet Home Alabama [Original Soundtrack] - Producer

Sweet Love: The Very Best of Anita Baker [Anita Baker] - Producer, Musician

American Pie 2 [Original Soundtrack] - Composer, Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Down for The Get Down [Youngstown] - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Osmosis Jones [Original Soundtrack] - Producer, Engineer, Mixing 

Summer Catch [Original Soundtrack] - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Terence Trent d'Arby's Wildcard! [Terence Trent d'Arby] - Producer, Engineer

Weird Revolution [Butthole Surfers] - Producer, Engineer

Any Given Sunday [Original Soundtrack] - Bass, Engineer, Mixing

Bitches [Mindless Self Indulgence] - Engineer

The Crow: Salvation [Original Soundtrack] - Engineer, Mixing

Double Wide [Uncle Kracker] - Producer

The History of Rock [Kid Rock] - Producer

Mission: Impossible 2 [Original Soundtrack] - Co-Producer

New Skin [Methods of Mayhem] - Engineer

Tune In [Flak] - Remixing

Volumizer [2 Skinniee J's] - Producer

Crown Royal [Run D.M.C.] - Engineer, Mixing

Mama Sweet [Da Hool] - Remixing

Peasants, Pigs, and Astronauts [Kula Shaker] - Arranger

You Get What You Give [New Radicals] - Engineer

Conan: Music by Charles Fox [Television Soundtrack] - Producer

Delicious [Pure Sugar] - Writer

In the Beginning [Madonna] - Drums, Keyboards

Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too [New Radicals] - Engineer

Ray of Light [Madonna] - Programming

These Are The Times [Pure Sugar] - Bass, Guitar, Writer

5 Miles Till Empty [Brownstone] - Engineer

Original Soundtrack [The Fan] - Co-Producer

Rhythm of Love [Anita Baker] - Programming, Producer

I'm On Your Side [Jennifer Holiday] - Bass

Make Time For Love [Keith Washington] - Bass, Programming

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